Movies & Animation

Unless stated otherwise, all videos on this page were created using Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere. 

A simple animated video I made to advertise Clearvision’s presence at the Atlassian Summit in September 2017.

All done in Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere. All graphics are my own design.

For this I used Wideo for the first time ever, rather than Adobe After Effects. The final editing still required Adobe Premiere. Images are from a stock library.

A draft of a video for Clearvision. I created all the graphics in Illustrator.

A silly thing I did for MentalFloss, using iMovie.

A simple animated video for a Clearvision event. 

A basic  invitation video for Clearvision.

Another video invite.

A quick highlights package of a GDPR seminar.

A few useful shortcuts for Microsoft Word.

An even sillier thing for MentalFloss, this time involving eggs and my back garden. Again, this was created in iMovie.

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