Marketing & Copywriting

The principles of journalism have proven invaluable in my marketing and copywriting work. Following a content marketing model, I promote products and businesses by providing something that is genuinely useful to the intended audience, building brand awareness and positioning clients as thought leaders in their respective industries.

By writing blog posts that are SEO friendly and promoting them through email and social media marketing campaigns, my work frequently appears on the first page of global Google Search results for my chosen keywords. 

Blog Posts

About IT and technology for small businesses:

The following blog posts were all created for TMB Group. This is just a small selection of what I’ve written, but head to to find more. 

About Atlassian tools and related subjects:

These blog posts were created for one of my previous employers, Clearvision. Since I wrote these, the company has migrated to a new website and credited these posts to one of their marketing interns.

Web Design

I have some experience with basic web design, using HTML, CSS and WYSIWYG design tools. The only project of note that I have completed, however, is the TMB website.


At TMB, I promote and help arrange events and seminars, open to customers and the public. I also report on these events afterwards, with blog posts, emails and occasionally videos. 

GDPR 101 Essex

GDPR 101 Hampshire


Below you’ll find a few samples of PDF collateral that I have both written and designed.

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