Consumer Journalism

Below is a small selection of publications I’ve either written for or proofread.

I’ve mainly worked in the consumer technology and entertainment sectors, but I can cover a much wider variety of subject matters. 

You’ll also find a few samples of my work at the bottom of this page. 

Writing Samples

This is a fairly limited selection of things I’ve written. More samples are available on request.

Sadly, some of my favourite articles only ever appeared in print, and I no longer have copies of them. 

Play On At The Game Over Cafe An interview with Steve Lowe, owner of the largest collection of retro games consoles in the UK, and proprietor of the Game Over Cafe in Portsmouth.

Superb New Uses For Your Old Tablet & Phone Why throw away your old devices when they can still be so useful?

Pick A Number Computers are designed to follow our orders, so can they ever produce truly random results, even if we tell them to?

Kindle Power Management Part of a ‘bookazine’ about the Amazon Kindle, this short article focused on extending battery life.

Kindle Accessories Lots of lovely things to make your Kindle more lovely.

The Big Gaming Peripherals Guide Mice, headphones, keyboards and more for PC gamers.

Far Cry 4 A short review of this impressive first-person shooter.

Micro Mart’s Festive Fun & Games After years of pretending Christmas didn’t exist, Micro Mart published this collection of terrible festive puzzles. Well, it was the second to last issue ever, so why not?

When Mice Will Not Suffice At the request of a reader, I wrote this guide to alternatives to PC mice. 

Resident Evil Nintendo Wii review Capcom’s classic zombie franchise found its way onto the Nintendo Wii.

Why Didn’t Anyone Like The N-Gage? As one of the few people to buy Nokia’s weird games console / phone hybrid, I felt duty bound to defend it.

Arena: Why Old Favourites Should Be Left In The Past I had fond memories of the 1989 action sci-fi movie Arena – until I watched it again.

The Five Scariest Children Ever A selection of terrifying children from the world of cinema.